Additional Activities

"Pupils are confident and enthusiastic learners with a thirst for knowledge and pride in their achievements."
(Ofsted 2016)

In addition to music, drama and sport, Queenswood School has extra-curricular activities in many areas including art, chess, computing, debating, embroidery, first aid, gardening, food technology and International Activities.


Inter-House Quiz

Quiz Winners

This is an annual event contested by teams from the Junior Department and chaired by a guest quizmaster.

Inter-House Music Competition

Each year our pupils join members of their houses to compete for the Howard Cup.


Dragons' Den


The older children prepare prototypes, marketing (including a "television" advert) and make a presentation to a panel of judges from the business world.

Debating Competition

We are keen for our children to participate in any opportunities that arise outside school. In the past these have included technology, art and poetry competitions, debates, music festivals, hand writing etc.

Competition brings a unique excitement and our pupils are encouraged to celebrate all achievement, however great or small.


A persuasive case in favour of healthy breakfasts

School Visits

Where appropriate, educational visits are arranged to places of interest in the area. All outings are managed strictly in accordance with the School's Educational Visits and Trips Health and Safety Policy. A suitable teacher-pupil ratio is observed with additional assistance of parent helpers.

Queenswood School uses a licensed public service mini-coach, and all drivers are PSV/PCV qualified. The vehicles are maintained to a very high standard and are fully fitted with lap and diagonal seat belts.

Bolton Castle

Marching at Bolton Castle

Yorkshire Dales

Enjoying the glorious Yorkshire Dales

Partner Schools

Initially, we received a grant of €25,000 from the British Council to fund our international work. "Children were able to talk confidently about global issues" Unicef Level 1 Rights Respecting assessor 2016 This enabled us to visit our European partner schools.

The project we shared worked on healthy life-styles and exercises, called 'Wake Up Shake Up and we were delighted to be the co-ordinating school, leading the project.

All pupils at Queenswood have worked on aspects of this project, sharing work with our partners in France, Spain, Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania and Kenya. We sent work and used Skype and had a dedicated website to share our work. Since then we have developed our international work a great deal and now have partner schools in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt and India as well as many other European countries. Here are some memories of our visit to the Leo Karsarvin School in Vilnius, Lithuania.


As well as opportunities to visit our partner schools, we regularly have skype sessions to share our thoughts, work and ideas


Our annual International Cafe is always fun and we welcome all parents and friends to share the celebration with us


In Lithuania

Giving to Charity


We always enjoy raising money for various charities; these are chosen by the School Council. Activites range from football penalty shoot-out competitions, a skipping festival, coffee mornings and raffles, shoebox collections at Christmas, Harvest food parcels, and many more!

Supporting British Values and Community Cohesion

Developing social awareness is fundamental to the educational experience at Queenswood. Our children take part in Friendship Groups with local Homes for the elderly and we have a Club with a nearby nursery. "Leaders create and support an atmosphere of calm and respect for others which fills the school and results in pupils’ outstanding behaviour and mutual support"
We invite members of the wider school community to join us for the annual Grandparents' Afternoon Tea and there are many other events when we welcome local residents to join us - such as the International Cafe and the various performing arts events. Our children enjoy an annual event with the Morley Adult Learners Group, organised by Morley Library which is always lively and fun! We invite members of the police, emergency services, local council and other people in public life to come and speak with the children. These opportunities, supported by the school's PSHE programme actively involve the children in our fundamental British values: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerence of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Siegen Manor

Visiting friends at Knowle Manor for the Friendship Club

Knowle Manor

Our older children enjoy spending time with friends at Knowle Manor, a residential Home for the Elderly and also at a local nursery where they share interests and acitivities. These Friendship Club activities are very popular!

"Pupils are polite and considerate to adults and other young people"