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Reception & Infants
An 'email bulletin' is sent to parents each Friday so that they are kept up to date on a regular basis with the day-to-day happenings at school. For special news - watch this space!! 

Reception & Infants Curriculum Overview Spring 2

Each week Miss Baldwin & Miss Robinson send out a newsletter to families sharing activities and learning from the week.

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Summer Term

Pancake Day

The children enjoyed a pancake treat to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. Nursery and Reception made their own pancake batter by weighing and mixing their ingredients in a bowl. They described the texture to decide if their batter needed more flour or water. Year 1 & 2 wrote instructions to make pancakes using 'bossy' imperative verbs and a numbered list, as well as a subheading for their ingredients list.


After Wednesday's swimming lessons, Reception and Infants have had a go at some Sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku 1.jpg
Sudoku 3.jpg
Bedtime Poems

Over two weeks, Reception and Infants have looked at Bedtime poems for their English poetry topic. They explored the rhythm and use of rhyme in the poems. The children then made their own rhyming and non-rhyming poems based on what they had been reading.

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Lunar New Year 2022

Reception & Infants have been learning about the ways that people across the world celebrate and welcome the Lunar New Year.

The children were excited to find out which animal year they were born in, from the legend of the Chinese Zodiac. We have a mixture of noble horses, cheeky monkeys and a lucky rooster. 2022 is the year of the tiger

They have practised their chopstick skills with bells and pompoms and have painted intricate Chinese characters. The children also made colourful paper lantern decorations to bring good luck and keep negative energy at bay!

Year 2
Year 2
Year 1