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Years 3 - 6 (for ages 7-11)


At Key Stage 2, the learning experiences continue with Reading, Spoken and Written English and Mathematics at the core of our work, although the children enjoy a very broad, balanced and enjoyable curriculum. This includes Science, Design and Technology, History, Geography, Music, Games, P.S.H.E., Religious Education, Computing and Drama. French is included in the Junior curriculum, with each child having a weekly lesson. All children have access to laptops, classroom computers and interactive whiteboards to support and develop learning.


Lessons follow an enhanced and challenging version of the National Curriculum. By this time, children are also given opportunities to develop skills in Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, which help them prepare for grammar school entry examinations. They also have a focus on drama and spoken English: pupils are entered for examinations of the English Speaking Board and we are proud to celebrate outstanding results (not only 100% pass rates, but 100% Distinctions). Our annual production is also a highlight of the school year - the children enjoy performing in front of their friends and families to a packed house.


Our children leave us as high-achieving, confident, caring and well-rounded 11-year olds. We have excellent academic credentials and regularly monitor childrens’ progress and learning with continuous assessments and tracking. As an independent school, we choose not to take SATS, preferring our children to be assessed whilst we continue to teach an exciting and enjoyable curriculum. Results of these show our children make consistent and significant progress and achievement from their starting points.

Children are taught leadership and team building skills, and our children are given positions of responsibility including Heads of School, House Captains and various Monitors, all of whom do a fantastic job helping with the younger children and proving themselves to be excellent ambassadors for Queenswood.


Educational trips and visits enhance the curriculum and the older Juniors may enjoy the exciting experience of going on a residential visit to the Yorkshire Dales. Extra-curricular clubs, activities and competitions offer the opportunity for all children to participate and broaden their horizons.

Homework is set each evening in the Junior School to consolidate learning in class. Children have their own Homework Planners which help them to be organised and prepare for high school routines. Pupils are also involved in identifying their own personal targets each half term which assist the child’s learning journey and personal development.

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