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PE - Dance

This half term, we have been learning how to keep fit by taking part in dance activities. The children learnt how to move rhythmically and to the beat of the music. The children enjoyed taking part in their dance lessons this half term!

School Council

A huge welcome to our new school council for this academic year. These children put themselves forward to be involved in the school council and were voted in by their peers to represent all of the children in school. We look forward to seeing what positive contributions they make this year on behalf of the children at school!


Harvest Festival at Morley Central Methodist Church

Thank you for the most amazing amount of food which we have donated to the local foodbank today following our lovely Harvest Festival in the church. We also collected £51 for the Rare Breeds Survival Trust which works to ensure that some of our traditional farm breeds do not face extinction. As always, the children were wonderful - well done Queenswood!

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to our lovely families who attended our Macmillan Coffee Morning this morning raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. We are astounded to announce that this morning our little school raised £222 for this wonderful charity. Thank you to everyone who came and those who donated prizes and bought raffle tickets!


Salt and Asquith - School Houses

In their house teams, the children worked together to sort facts to find the ones that fit with their house's namesake. We found many new interesting facts about the two men, HH Asquith and Sir Titus Salt who were both born in Morley close to our school. The children recognised the importance of learning about our local history.

We had a short reflection at the end of assembly thinking about our school and the ethos we all share together - families, children, staff and friends of school.

Thank you for our school, all the teachers and staff who work here.

Thank you for all the children who study here. We want our school to be place of great discovery, adventure and creativity.

May it be a place where we love to learn and where we learn to love, a place where every one is respected and all are deeply valued.

Sports Day

To finish off our action-packed week, the children took part in our annual Sports Day! All children competed representing their house and showed so much determination, encouragement and good sportsmanship throughout the events!

The houses were neck-and-neck for most of the events and by only 2 points, Salt won the tie breaker race. Well done to all of the children and a huge appreciation for the house captains and Upper Juniors who kept everyone's spirits high and helped with setting up the events.

Art Day

After our wonderful trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the children had an animal themed Art Day. We plan an Art Day every term for children to learn and build on art skills, including all children from Nursery to Year 6. The focus this term was embroidery and sewing skills. Reception class practised their threading using beads and animal threading boards and started to practise stitching using a needle on binka material. Infants developed their straight stitch on binka and then used this skill to embroider an outline of an animal on hessian fabric. Lower juniors practised threading needles and tying knots independently, as well as developing their running stitch, straight stitch, back stitch and fill stitch. They used templates to trace their animal designs and chose appropriate stitches to embroider these onto hessian fabric. Upper Juniors had more of a challenge, they made their own designs of animals and traced these onto cotton fabric. They used embroidery thread to stitch their designs using the stitches they found most appropriate. The children worked incredibly hard all day but thoroughly enjoyed the calm, relaxing activities after an eventful school trip! It was lovely to hear them encouraging and supporting each other, as well as self evaluating their own work throughout. Well done everyone!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Wow! What an amazing day we had at Yorkshire Wildlife Park! The children had the best time and were a credit to Queenswood School throughout the day. We managed to tick off nearly every animal at the park between our two groups.

The day was non-stop and the children managed to keep up their enthusiasm and energy all day, singing their way around the park in true Queenswood style. Thank you to our amazing pupils for making this a school trip to remember!

Grandparents' Afternoon Tea

A huge thank you to our wonderful Grandparents who joined us for our Grandparents' afternoon tea - we hope you had a lovely time. As grandparents tucked into their drinks and cakes, the children performed an array of songs and dances. Each child spoke about what made their grandparents so special and also shared their favourite things about coming to school. A lovely afternoon had by all.

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies - Junior Play

Words simply cannot express our pride this morning - the show last night was amazing and we are so very, very proud of each and every member of the cast - you really showed what Queenswood School is all about - the confidence, the joy, the teamwork - what an super proud of you all, from Mrs Tanner. Thanking you being such a credit to our school motto, 'Let your light shine'


English Speaking Board Exams

Well done to all of the Juniors for achieving Distinctions in their ESB exams! We were thrilled to welcome an examiner from the English Speaking Board to assess our pupils. Our children are clear and confident communicators and they met with the success they richly deserved: not only did every child pass, but they were all graded as Distinctions in their respective grades. The time we allow at Queenswood for Drama and Spoken English is so valuable for a child's confidence and self esteem, giving them super personal development opportunities. Well done - we're super proud of you all.

Water Safety

This week at swimming, the children have taken part in water safety activities. An important part of their learning is to understand how to stay safe around water and how to help in an emergency.

Children at Queenswood School are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to water safety and were eager to answer questions!

They learnt that it is important not to enter the water to help someone in an emergency and who they could call for help. They also learnt how to support the person in trouble by using their voice, by reach rescue and by throw rescue.

Children wore their pyjamas during their activities to help them experience the feeling of being in the water fully clothed. They found it much more difficult to move, which helped them understand how easy it can be for people, even strong swimmers, to get in trouble in water.


Darcey Bussell Dance Workshop

We started off with a warm up, then Darcey shared a piece of music from the 70s, the children had to see how the music made them feel and move in that way, we had some great John Travolta moves! Then we moved to the 1920s with some Charleston moves, followed by some Indian Bhangra moves. The children then learnt some Irish dancing steps, it was tricky to keep our arms by our sides! But we all had a good go! Everyone had a really good try and we were all very warm and energised by the end of the half an hour!

Spring Revue

A wonderful evening of performances! A huge thank you and well done to all of the children for showcasing their music and performance pieces they have been working so hard on at school. ! Thank you to our amazing families for showing your support to all of the children. Children congratulated each other today for their performances and were all beaming with pride!


World Book Day

The children greeted us today dressing up as their favourite story character, and also dressing down in their pyjamas! We enjoy celebrating World Book Day every year, giving children a day off-timetable to take part in reading and book based activities. Reception and Infants made tunnel books including their favourite characters and Juniors took part in improv acting to produce a short story.

International Evening

A glorious celebration of our diverse school family. Thank you to all those who attended, we shared food from different countries and cultures and enjoyed presentations about the many countries and parts of the world that our children share their heritage with. A wonderful turn out and such a treat to spend time with one another outside of school.


Whole School Art Day

Every term the children take part in whole school art activities to promote skills and interest in Art & Design. This term the children learned about malleable materials and clay sculpting techniques including pinch pots, coiling and score and slip attachments. The children made tile faces as well as a range of different pots.

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