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Our 2023
Ofsted Report


Mrs Tanner says:

I am delighted to share with you our latest report from Ofsted (2023). The report identifies the high quality of education and the outstanding care that Queenswood offers grading us a ‘a good school with outstanding behaviour and attitudes and outstanding personal development’.

The school's mission statement is "to offer our children a balanced education in a quiet, caring environment in which they are able to reach their full potential, both academically and as people". I am thrilled that the report recognises the strength of our provision, the strong moral fibre of the school and our family values as a school community.


I am delighted that the report recognises that: 

"Pupils happily attend this friendly and inclusive school. They are looked after by their friends and by caring adults who know them well. A positive and respectful culture threads through everything that the school does. Every pupil is an important member of the school family and takes an active role in contributing to the school community."

Queenswood School's Ofsted success is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of each member of the school community. As headteacher I have a passionate enthusiasm to drive forward my vision for the school: this report is an official endorsement of that vision, celebrating what we have achieved and giving us pointers to move forward for further growth. My vision is that Queenswood provides an outstanding education for the children and helps equip them so that they will take up a useful place in society as confident, caring, thoughtful, thinking people. I am delighted how this is recognised in the report. The report recognises the success of our community cohesion and our inclusive ethos. I was thrilled that the report points out that Queenswood School is a place where pupils demonstrate a very well developed sense of right and wrong and have a deep understanding of others who come from different backgrounds to their own.

We are proud that the report has paid tribute to the attitudes and behaviour of our pupils:

"Pupils’ behaviour is exceptionally positive. This is the result of their understanding of important concepts such as the need to respect others who may be different to them."

The partnership between staff, pupils and parents is of paramount importance: parents can trust that their child is respected and in the hands of caring professionals; and that the quality of education is inspiring and aspirational. For parents, sending a child to a fee-paying school is an enormous financial investment. To know that your child is safe, happy and secure is essential.


For parents, sending a child to a fee-paying school is an enormous financial investment. To know that your child is safe, happy and secure is essential.I am very proud of this report and equally proud of the children, the staff and the entire community of Queenswood School. I am sure, after reading the report, you will see just what a wonderful environment we have at Queenswood and be able to see how it will help your child to flourish. Why not come to one of our Open Days or book an appointment to find out even more.

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