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Reception & Infants
An 'email bulletin' is uploaded to the Whole School News and Events section of the website for parents each Friday so that they are kept up to date on a regular basis with the day-to-day happenings at school. For special news - watch this space!! 

Reception Curriculum Overview Summer 1
Infants Curriculum Overview Summer 1

Each week Miss Baldwin & Miss Robinson send out a newsletter to families sharing activities and learning from the week.

Find previous newsletters here:

Junk Model Boats

Reception and Infants have been learning about the Titanic and have used junk modelling materials to make their own boats. The children predicted which boats would float and which would sink. They took them outside to test if they would float and to everyone's amazement.. they all floated!

Nativity Play

What a lovely Nativity performance by Reception and Infants. Well done to everyone who took part, you did amazing! The children performed the nativity Busy Busy Bethlehem and have been practising hard for the past few weeks. They performed their songs beautifully and spoke confidently, considering the amount of lines they had to learn!

Autumn Walk

Reception and Infants braved the wind and drizzle to embark on an autumn walk. The children were looking for signs of autumn, hoping they would see falling leaves, squirrels, conkers and much more! We collected lots of leaves to be pressed and dried for our art activities next week. The children had a great time spotting different coloured leaves that they could see being blown off the trees by the huge gusts of wind!

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