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Before school we operate a Breakfast Club from 8am until doors open at 8.30am - this offers flexibility for busy working parents. The children may have a drink and snack to help them start the day fed and ready for an enjoyable day's work. There is a small charge of £2 per day for this service to cover costs. 

School doors open at 8.30am and children may arrive any time before 8.50am when there is a formal registration for all classes. This is followed by a daily assembly and time for reflection as a school or class community. Lunches are served in the main hall - all children are offered a cooked meal, with alternatives for those with dietary and religious requirements.  

At the end of the school day at 3.45pm, children are taken outside to be collected by parents: this provides parents and staff with the opportunity to have an informal chat. If a deeper conversation is needed teachers are available by appointment for further conversations: we are keen to work with parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for the pupils in our care.
Children remaining in care have the opportunity to enjoy various extra-curricular activities in after-school clubs. These vary from term to term and have included Art; Drama; Lego and Construction; Origami; Coding and Computers. The nature of the club depends on the ages and interests of the children who will be attending as we aim to make these interesting and valuable experiences for the children. There is a charge for the club each term, but children who need to stay for the occasional session can join the club for that one evening and (payment will be for the one-off after school care). For those parents who need additional care after the club, children may stay until school closes at 5.30pm
Breakfast Club
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5.30pm school closes
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