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"The curriculum is outstanding. The areas of learning specified in the independent school standards are all met and significantly enhanced." Ofsted

Our children leave us as high-achieving, confident, caring and well-rounded 11-year olds. We have excellent academic credentials and regularly monitor children's’ progress and learning with continuous assessments and tracking. As an independent school, we choose not to take SATS, preferring our children to be assessed whilst we continue to teach an exciting and enjoyable curriculum. Results of these show our children make consistent and significant progress and achievement from their starting points.
"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. They are thoughtful and considerate of each other. Pupils exude confidence as learners. They are willing to try out new ideas and make suggestions, which they articulate clearly. They are keen to improve their work step by step following their teacher's guidance. They value their education and have high aspirations for their futures." Ofsted
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